Sanctuary City

Having our local law enforcement do the job of federal immigration places a greater burden on our police department, which is already under staffed and resourced.  This leads to more community violence, as fear and social isolation in immigrant communities grow and people are increasingly reluctant to report crimes for fear of deportation.  Moreover, deportation leads to breaking up hard working families, leaving documented family members behind that become more reliant on tax funded social services and city finances.  

A Sanctuary City Ordinance ensures that local law enforcement will not collude with Federal Immigration forces in detaining undocumented residents.  Building and maintaining trusting relationships among residents and local law enforcement will not only make Lynn safer, but make us thrive as we celebrate the strength in our diversity.

Currently, ECCO is leading the way on the sanctuary city ordinance and they will be collecting signatures in support for a ordinance in the city of Lynn. For more information, visit their website


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