Phase II Visioning

Lynn is currently at a turning point in it's history. Major changes are happening in the city and Lynn residents have very little say in what is going on. The New Lynn Coalition is trying to change this. We want to gather the opinions of the people who live in Lynn and turn these opinions into action so that the changes being made in our city are fair and democratic.This project started when there were concerns on how the waterfront in Lynn was going to be developed. In response, the New Lynn Coalition devised a three phase plan.

The first phase was internal visioning. We conducted visioning sessions with our member organizations and asked them what they want to see in Lynn. We got a variety of responses, from creating more union jobs in Lynn, to creating ore affordable housing, to creating more tourist attractions. Out of this visioning, we created our five point platform for the 2017 municipal elections, which can be found under our campaigns page. 

Currently, we are working on Phase II, which is external outreach. We are partnering with organizations in the city to have visioning sessions with their members. Our goal is to create a vision for the city that represents the interests of all residents of Lynn and hopefully turn that vision into concrete legislation that will help shape Lynn into what the residents of Lynn want it to be. 

If you are interested in participating in our visioning process, please take our survey by clicking this link