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Lynn Tech as a Community Center


On November 2, 2011, The New Lynn Coalition will be hosting a community forum at the Lynn Housing Authority Community Room at 10 Church Street to speak up about using Lynn Tech as a community center that is open and free to the public. 

New Lynn Coalition Statement of Support to Occupy Boston

New Lynn Coalition Statement of Support and Solidarity with the Occupy Wall St/Boston EVERYWHERE Movement

Lynn Must Confront Challenges

The New Lynn Coalition has released a research report.

Why Not a New Lynn?


A city needs a story to frame its economic development, and Lynn has one.  Why don’t we use it?

In an old city, building a new common sense

Ten percent unemployment. Poverty wages for most of those still working. An infant mortality rate nearly twice that of the state. An epidemic of home foreclosures. Thousands of wonderful, hard-working people who want to make their town a better place. This is Lynn, Massachusetts. Maybe it sounds like your town.

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