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Cultural Event - Folk Music

Cultural Event - Hispanic

Lynn Tech Night Classes to Start in October!

After a year or hard work, the Lynn Tech Campaign has achieved a victory--starting in October, the Lynn Vocational Technical Institute will be open in the evenings for adult learning, enrichment and athletics.

Lynn Worker Center for Economic Justice Receives Berger Marks Award!

The New Lynn Coalition received an award from the Berger Marks foundation for it's work with the Lynn Worker Center for Economic Justice!

Worker Center for Economic Justice Fights for Workers Rights!

“It’s about justice,” she said. “... A long as they’re workers, they are workers.”

Lynn group seeks fed funds to develop green jobs

The New Lynn Coalition is chasing a $120,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce that could ultimately lead to a new kind of manufacturing for the city, the green kind.

New Lynn Coalition seeks ways to solve old problems

The New Lynn Coalition is developing some innovative ways to deal with old problems such as economic development, immigrant needs and job training.

Federal Aid coming to Lynn!

$60,000 coming to immigrant businesses in Lynn!

Tech-nically Speaking A Great Idea

New Lynn Coalition Action A Success!

Why We Need a New Direction


Community has always been a word that means action here in Lynn. We are the kind of people that band together to face challenges and we are smart enough to find ways to overcome them.

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