Diversity in Munincipal Hiring

Our region has seen a growth in the numbers of ethnic and racial groups, which highlights the importance that local governments recruit and retain a more diverse work place.  Local governments often fail to employ staff that appropriately represent the city’s population. This leads to linguistic and cultural misunderstandings and an inability to support residents.  Currently, only 11.5% of Lynn’s municipal jobs are held by people of color, but based on 2016 census data 61% of Lynn residents are a person of color. 

Lynn is currently facing a deficit with its city budget that will stall new municipal hiring, but it doesn’t stall organizations from working together and drafting new diversity and inclusionary ordinances for future hiring.  Lynn needs to be more proactive, using Diversity Management Practices to keep up with changing demographics, and ensuring that Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action goals are met. We need a city government that reflects our diverse population.